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for Orthodontist

A fixed retainer serves to retain the best result of orthodontic treatment for long-term. 

You can even do minor tooth movement with Bender retainer’s over correction.



Within 10 minutes you can have customized retainer for your patient

in your clinic.



Guarantee retainers quality always, because it does not depend on lab technician’s hand skill but computer-controlled technology.


No Lab Required

No more lab fee and impression taking tells you immediate savings on cost and labour. 

Hassle free from impression error. No more argument about impression error with lab and your staff.

Compact Size

The Bender is small enough to put in your clinic. It is just 2 tims larger than a normal desktop computer.

Customized & Auto Design

With the FixR, it requires only 3 point clicks and gives best fit design for retainer automatically. Minor adjustment can be done.

Buccal design


Dentaurum triple braided round wire 0.5mm (.020 inch).


Minor tooth movement

At the finishing stage, you can push or pull teeth as you designed. It can be possible by overcorrecting design with the FixR.

Recommended Work flow

On the day of debonding, intra oral scan done and generate stl files before starting debonding.

While 30 minute debonding procedure, you or your staff can design and produce lower and upper retainers.

Sterile and bonding the machine made retainer to your patient.

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